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Hangzhou Xinyang Ribbon Co., Ltd. has changed a lot from the original product sales market to the current market sales. Live streaming marketing, e-commerce ordering, quality control upgrades... Lou Lihui, the new head of the company, moves one by one, and is already planning for next year to seize a new round of opportunities for growth.


Xinyang Ribbon is also a famous hook and loop fastener enterprise in Xiaoshan. Speaking of the origin of the hook and loop tape in Xiaoshan, there is an unusual development experience. Lou Xingyang, the old master, was born and raised in the tower. The tower was rich in bamboo, and he became a bamboo craftsman and set up a bamboo factory. The tide of reform and opening up accelerated the pace of rural industrialization in Xiaoshan and brought more opportunities, so he switched from agricultural product processing to light industrial products, and started decorative lace and head scarves. In the process of running the market, he found that there is a kind of hook and loop fastener in Beijing, and the demand is strong, so he suddenly thought, can this product be produced?



Velcro was born in Switzerland in the middle of the 20th century. It was invented by Swiss inventor George de Mestra by discovering small hooks from the barbed cocklebur to hook on trousers with a loop structure. It entered the Chinese market in the early 1980s and was initially used. Most of the hook and loop companies are foreign garment factories. You must know that at that time Lou Xingyang knew nothing about the production technology of this product, that is, he didn't even understand the composition of rayon. But just like the thousands of entrepreneurs of the older generation in Xiaoshan, they will not give up when they see something good, and they have to go if they don't have the conditions to create the conditions. In that era of entrepreneurial passion, Lou Xingyang came up with the idiom of "a gang of three heroes", found a partner, and opened the first Velcro factory in Xiaoshan.


Nylon (or other fibers) are woven into semi-finished tapes (suede tapes and hook tapes) through a yarn warp loom, and then the semi-finished tapes are dyed into various colors by high-temperature dyeing equipment. The embryo belt is dyed first, and then the suede surface of the color embryo belt is brushed and curled by the raising machine, and then sized and shaped... The entire production of the hook and loop fastener requires 13 essential processes.


Hook and loop tape is a connection accessory, which is mainly composed of a base body and a hook surface evenly distributed on the base body. It is widely used as clothing, footwear, watch straps and bundled wire harnesses. For 6 years, the quality of the hook and loop fasteners in the factory was not stable enough due to technical problems. Through the masters who have learned the maintenance of high-speed shuttleless looms, they invited technicians from the Shanghai No. 3 Ribbon Factory to solve one technical problem for them, and they are constantly bumping and staggering forward. They finally got through. Lou Xingyang said that fortunately, the market prospect of this product has been very good.


In the memory of the old head, at that time, the products were made first, and generally how much was produced and then sold, which he called the sales market. The new head, Lou Lihui, is the daughter of the old head. She has been working in Xinyang Ribbon for 12 years. Last year, she took over the ribbon factory, which was founded in 2001 from her father, just in time for the epidemic. , the company quickly turned to protective clothing and medical surgical clothing accessories products.

Since 2017, Lou Lihui has started foreign trade and has been to many countries. In 2018, he participated in the German medical product exhibition, and in 2019, he provided supporting services for the medical industry. She feels that the medical industry has strict requirements on products, and being able to provide matching products for regular medical products is of great help in improving the quality of the hook and loop fasteners. Now, her products are switching between domestic and foreign markets, and she feels comfortable with it.


Lou Lihui divided the sales into three equal parts: domestic, international and network, and any section can be switched if there is a problem. In the second half of last year, she focused on domestic online marketing and tried the factory live broadcast marketing saliva. At the beginning of this year, after the orders for window screens were completed, tents and quilts were made in the second quarter, and army tents were made in the second half of the year. In terms of tents, I worked in the civil affairs department the year before and last year for disaster relief. The production task is so tight that we only took a few days off in August last year. As far as the current production situation is concerned, although we can sell as much as we can, we are stuck with orders to take on production tasks.

Xinyang Ribbon is an honest private enterprise in the district. Lou Lihui said that the reason why customers are interested in Xinyang Ribbon is the stability of quality. The raw material supplier in the factory has not been replaced for 10 years, in order to ensure the quality; in the use of materials Make sure to use sufficient materials and never cut corners; in the quality system management of all employees, workers must instill the concept of quality control before entering the post; in order to overcome the instability of labor, try to make intelligent mechanical equipment and implement standardized production. At present, the labor cost of the textile industry is getting higher and higher, and the instability of employees has become a real problem. On the basis of reasonable development, enterprises will embark on the step of large-scale intelligent production.


20 years as a day, only the research and development and production of Velcro. The single-minded, dedicated and professional business model has given Xinyang a very good reputation in the industry. In addition to the traditional hook and loop, Xinyang Webbing also tries to develop new products. Lou Lihui, who is good at marketing, found new customer sources through online sales, and she found new market space in sales. During the live broadcast, major customers can directly connect to the workshop and see the entire production process, avoiding the cost of personnel round-trip. As a factory direct sales network sales store, Xinyang Ribbon has more industrial advantages than the wholesale sales of hook and loop fasteners. At the beginning of this year, we made 100,000 renewal orders, which not only sold off the inventory of 200,000 orders last year, but also sold all the unsalable products 5 years ago at normal prices.


From polyester-blend-nylon textile Velcro, to PP-PA injection hook and loop fastener, to adhesive-punch type Velcro processing... The annual output of Xinyang Ribbon is more than 300 million meters of Velcro, In the process of live broadcast sales, Lou Lihui constantly found good products and good production experience of other similar companies, and for this reason, he continued to absorb them and optimize equipment to improve product quality. In the first half of this year, the price of Xinyang Ribbon is more expensive than others, but because of the sufficient supply and high quality, there are many buyers. Also because of the online sales channels, Lou Lihui has more customer resources and can choose to ship anytime, anywhere.

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